Sunday, December 1, 2013

Projects Undertaken

Day Care centres are gaining a lot of popularity day by day. Especially in the busy times for your child's care for working parents pursuing their careers, A Day care centre has become a preferred choice over the traditional options of a regular baby sitter or a nanny.

Therefore, setting up the d├ęcor according to the kids is of prime importance. We made a welcome banner to suit the style and taste of children. This would definitely attract them to come inside the day care.

I pondered a lot and decided to make bed time stories turn into a fun activity. All parents are aware that children like to hear stories when they are off to bed but converting story telling session  into fun is something really easy to do with my story cards. I decided to make story rollers for kids' story telling session as pictorial representation of what is being told has more impact on the kids' minds.

Story Roll- The Story of A thirsty crow.

Story Roll- The Story of A Hare and A Tortoise.

All these animals were cut and painted to create a jungle look on one of the walls of the learning centre. The choice of animals was done on the basis of their vibrant colours and more importantly their popularity amongst the kids.

Rainbow hanger created for the main room has all the colours of the rainbow with clouds made of cotton. Blue and white ribbons holds the rain drops.
Another picture is also created with cotton, penguins and some paints, where cotton is used to depict snow.
Basically here we will be talking of Rainy season and Winter season.

Kids' favourite; The Angry Birds. 
Especially created for one of the rooms of the day care centre where kids would be playing. One of the walls of the play room which will adorn the famous angry birds will not only attract the kids but also will give them a feel good factor about the place over all.

 A big picture aquarium will be put up, till the time we replace it with a real aquarium.

I hope all the Art works made by me for a day care centre, would be liked by all. I will keep posting my work.

- Roohi's Collection

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