Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paper Plate Craft - Tribal Face Wall hanging

Tribal Face Wall Hanging

Simple and Easy to make crafts during summer vacations with kids.

1. On a thermocol plate, cut out a pair of eyes and lips portion on the plate with the help of a blade/knife. 
2. Take news paper and roll it with hand. On the base (back side) of the thermocol plate, Stick the rolled newspaper strip on the edges of the eyes and mouth portion to give it an embossed effect. Leave it to dry for 5-10 mins
3. After drying, Paint the entire face in brown. 
4. Along the circumference of the round plate put white coloured dots, using white acrylic or poster colours.
5. Take coloured strips of crepe paper ribbon to make the hair of your tribal man.
6. Decorate the face using thermocol beads.
7. Using white acrylic or poster colour, give final touches to the face.
8. Using fevicol, stick this plate to a coloured construction sheet to form a base of your wall hanging. Alternatively, punch two holes on each sides and tie elastic thread to form a mask for kids to play.

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