Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Simple Ideas to Decorate Cookies with Kids this Holiday Season

How about decorating your own cookies this holiday season?

I have some really cool ideas on cookie art in this post. All that you need is some biscuits, Gems, Chocolate syrup, Jam, Icing sugar, Chocolate chips, Butterscotch chips, tutty fruits, Icing bags (I made my own from plastic zip lock bags of small size), food colors, some cake sprinklers and Lots of creativity. 

1. Traffic Light Cookies

2. X-mas Tree Cookie

3. Snowman Cookies

4. Home made Chocopie : Kids just love this one as chocopie is favorite of all kids.
Take two marie biscuits. Spread a layer of molten milk chocolate compound on one and stick both the cookies together. Allow it to set at room temperature. After 5 mins dip the cookie sandwhich into molten milk chocolate compound. Allow it to set in the freezer for 2 mins and here you go….the home made chocopie is ready. 

5. Cake monster - I’ve taken a piece of freshly baked cake and decorated it with choclolate suase, two slices of banana for eyes and half cut cherry for the nose. Some mixed fruit jam and icing sugar for the finishing touches.

6. Butterscotch choco chip cookie and Chocochip Cookies using NICE biscuits, icing sugar, choco chips and butter scotch nut with some tutty fruits, nuts and mixed fruit jam.

7. Once again using marie biscuit, dipped in molten chocolate compound, I've made this cookie. For the design, I've used a chocolate mold.

8. Dip your choice of cream wafer into molten milk chocolate compound and make your own Kitkat chocolates or chocolate wafer cookies....whatever you wish to call them.

9. Dip Oreo into molten white chocolate compound and set them on a popstcik. Decorate the face with chocolate icing and turn them into snowman once again. (Image taken from the internet).

10. Make use of salted cream crakers, monaco and krackjack biscuits for making a wholesome and interesting snackers with soups or milk for your kids. I've used cheese slices, tomato sause, tomato, cucumber, salt and pepper to create these interesting cookies.

Happy Cookie Decorating!!!

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