Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jingle Bells - Christmas Workshop 2013 @ Roohi's Collection.

At Roohi's Collection, it is my aim to keep the crafts simple and children friendly. With the same intention, I selected the crafts for my Christmas Workshop for 2013. This workshop was unique and interesting because children did EVERYTHING on their own. Right from cutting papers, boards and ribbons to finishing their crafts with embellishments etc.

Craft 1: Sugar Candy Bookmarks

Craft 2: Christmas Tree. Small Christmas Trees were made by the kids to decorate their own study tables. Children were given half a sheet of chart paper and they had to cut out a semi circle from it. They were then asked to join both the ends of the semi circle to form a cone. After they finished pasting their cones, they had to stuff their cones with shredded papers....I think that was the best activity. After filling the cones, kids were supposed to cover the base with a circle to form a sturdy base. Then I gave them a long piece of green Christmas weed with which they had to cover their cones. Last but not the least, they decorated the trees with thermocol beads, flowers and star shaped bows.....and here you go....Christmas tree is ready to adorn your tables!

Craft 3: A very simple craft. Take a paper plate and cut a ring from it. Take artificial plastic leaves and stick around the ring. Tie a red coloured bow on it and decorate your wreath with embellishments. Simplest wreath ever!!!

Craft 4: Santa Snow Globes.
Easy to make Santa Snow Globes were created by recycling empty glass jars. 

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