Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best Out of waste Workshop in Pune

Best Out of Waste workshop was conducted by Roohi's Collection in Pune during Summer Vacations 2013. 2 hours each for 5 days, kids were exposed to a lot of ideas to create amazing craft stuff using simple and easily accessible waste items lying around.

Activity 1:  Gift Bags

On day 1 kids were given a Muesli carton and sheets of handmade paper. Idea was to make a gift bag  and the results were amazing. Kids wrapped the carton with the handmade paper (colour of their choice ) and decorated it. They then made the handles from beads....

Activity 2:  Plastic Bottle Butterfly

An empty plastic water bottle can be of use? can be crafted into a beautiful looking butterfly to hang in your kids room.

Activity 3:  Pen holders

Turning an empty curd container into a traditional looking pen holder was so much fun. Kids decorated their pen holders with kundans of their choice of colours.

Activity 4:  BirdHouse

Using a biscuit box (carton) for the house and Ice cream sticks for the roof, birdhouse craft was a big hit as kids thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity.

Activity 5:  Indoor Planters

Empty glass bottles were painted in vibrant colour combinations and then designed by the kids themselves to form Indoor planters for their rooms or living rooms. To give a smoky effect, kids used sponge to paint over the bottles.

Activity 6: Snow Globes

Empty jam jars turning into snow globes......WOW. Kids couldn't wait to take their snow globes home to adorn their study tables with them.

With this Best Out of Waste 2013 (BOW), came to an end. Kids and their parents were extremely happy with the crafts done. They actually turned Trash to Treasures:)

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