Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paper Plate Craft - Jumping Frog

Paper Plate Craft - Jumping Frog 

1. On the back side of a paper plate, Paint Green
2. After drying, fold the round paper plate into half to make a semicircle (or a D shape).
3. Cut out a pair of fore-arms and hind legs for your frog from green fluorescent paper, a pair of eyes from white paper and a tongue from red paper.
4. On a white construction sheet (any colour would do - preferably light colour), Partly paste the hind legs of a frog. Apply glue on the back side of the D-shaped green paper plate. (make sure it opens from the semicircular side).
5. Open your paper plate and now stick the forearms on the inside of the paper plate and now paste the tongue also on the inner side.
6. Close the paper plate back and stick eyes on the face.
7. Using black marker, outline the eyes and make black eye balls for your frog. you go!!!

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