Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Making fridge magnets, Key chains and lockets with Clay.

This is a very simple activity. I've used No bake homemade salt dough for this activity as it is non-toxic and air dries.

Materials Required
1. Salt Dough
2. Cookie cutter
3. Acrylic colours
4. Glitter glue
5. Clear varnish
6. Ribbons, beads, key chains, hooks, disc magnets or magnetic strips etc.

Step 1: Prepare salt dough - No bake clay

Procedure: Take 1 measure of everyday flour. Mix 1/2 measure of salt. Using warm water and few drops of vegetable oil knead the mixture into chapati dough. This can be kept in an air -tight container or in  a plastic bag

Step 2: Prepare desired shapes - Take a small ball of salt dough. Spread evenly on a flat surface with the help of roller. Using cookie cutter, cut the desired shapes. Make small or big holes depending on what is to be made. For fridge magnet, press a piece of magnet at the back of the shape. 

Step 3: Leave them out in the sun (or under the fan) for drying. On drying these shapes will become very hard.

Step 4: Colour them with Acrylic colours and leave it to dry for around 30 mins. On drying put a coat of varnish to give it an extra sheen. Decorate with glitter glue.

Step 5: For making a key-chain, Put a plastic wire through the small hole. Bead the wire with beads of your choice and a bell. In the end tie a key chain ring to hold the keys. For making a locket, put a coloured ribbon through the centre big hole, tighten it and make a knot....and here you go!!!

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Have fun with clay!

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  1. can we buy clay from outside then which brand apart frm shilpkar ...as well as it has to dry and become hard...dsdivya@yahoo.com

    1. Yes...you can buy china clay from the market. It comes in slabs and is like shilpkar only. It is air drying clay.

  2. oh thx...bt any other clay which is available in the mkt