Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Workshop 2012 @ Roohi's Collection

I have recently moved from Bangalore to Pune and have started my classes in a new locality with new kids and a New Challenge!!!
To begin with I am trying to teach a lot of easy crafts to the kids in a very simple way. Crafts selected for this workshop are good looking and easy to make as I didn't wanted to go into something really complex with difficult methodology. This craft workshop was spread over a period of  five days for two hours each day.

Day 1: I see all the kids coming on time, settling down and excited as to what's going to happen how? We started with introducing each other in a fun way and began doing the craft. Today we made "Christmas Wreaths" and Christmas Cards. 


Kids enjoyed doing the craft and deep in their hearts they were happily thinking about next day's craft as I had already shown them the samples and they knew what we were going to do in the next few days. Before going home, all the kids knew they had to do the preparations for the next day, so quickly they all got back to work. They painted their paper plates with a sponge in three colours.

Day 2: Today we made Christmas candies and Christmas ornaments. Candies were simple yet elegant, made out of thermocol. Kids happily painted the paper cups too for the next day. 


Day 3: Kids were really excited to decorate their painted paper cups and turn them into Christmas bells.
They had a lot of work as it included beading, pasting, tying ribbon bow etc. and finally bells looked awesome!

After finishing the bells, I gave them some Ice cream sticks to paint and this was a surprise as I didn't tell them what they were going to make from those painted ice cream sticks.

Day 4:  Today's day was really very busy for the kids. They came in, settled down and I was wondering why all were so quite. Suddenly one of them said; "Roohi Aunty, we are enjoying our crafts very much and would like to do all the crafts that you've selected for us.....that is why we don't want to waste our time in talking to each other". What else could one wish for more than this. 

They coloured their Santa pics and made book marks, made reindeer from brown painted sticks and got down to the beautiful photo frames.

Day 5: Today was the last day of our workshop. We quickly started our work as we were making another two crafts today. We made a New Year Banner and a moving Snowman picture.

With this we came to an end of our workshop. Kids were happy and so were their parents and so was I.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all of you!

Happy Crafting
Roohi's Collection

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