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No cook Recipes for kids

Recipe 1 - Choco-Almond Peda

Milk Powder - 4 tbsp
Cocoa Powder -2 tbsp
Marie Biscuit - 6
Almond Powder -3 tbsp
Milk or Milkmaid - To Kneed the dough
Sugar - 4 tbsp ( Omit if using Milkmaid)

1.Grind almonds and marie biscuits together.
2.Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
3.Kneed it adding milk very slowly little by little.
4.Greese your palms with butter or ghee and roll it well and flatten it between your palms.
5.Decorate it with multi-colored sugar candies or with almond or with sugar sprinkles or just serve plain.

Recipe 2 - Biscuit laddoos

1)Marie Biscuits-1 packet (grind to powder) 
2)Sugar-1/2 cup (grinned) 
3)Ghee-50-100ml (1 cup atleast) 
4)Cashew powder-1/2 cup 
5)Raisin-1/2 cup 
6)Cardamom powder-1 tsp 
7)khoya-1/2 cup

How to make Biscuit laddoo
- Mix all the above ingredients in such a way that it is hard enough. 
- Now make the shape of laddoo. 
- Garnish it with cherry/Gems.

Recipe 3 - Marie Biscuit Ladoos Recipe – Best Summer Snack

1 small pack of crispy marie biscuits
1 cup milk
1/2 cup fresh cream (that collects at the top of boiled milk)
1/2 cup sugar (optional)
1/4 cup ghee
Pinch of cardamom powder

Making Ladoos:
1. Grind the biscuits with sugar. 
2. In a bowl, add the ground mixture and all the above ingredients. Mix well and make small balls of the mixture.
3. Decorate the balls with cashwes or almonds. Tasty biscuit recipe (recipes using biscuits) is ready to eat.
4. You can even store such biscuit recipes (recipes using biscuits) for however long under refrigeration.

Recipe 4 - Kids Favorite Peanut Ladoo

Pealed Peanuts-1  cup
Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Cardomom- a  pinch;Chopped Pistachios for  garnishing

1.  Grind 1 cup peanuts first coarsely
2. Then add 1 cup jaggery and  grind well
3. Add Elachi (cardamom)and do it again for half a  sec
4. Transfer to a bowl and add enough ghee so as to make  small  balls
5. Store it in a n air-tight container 
6. Garnish it with chopped pistachios and serve as a  dessert.

(This recipe has been taken from http://preciousmom.weebly.com/kids-recipe-description.html)

Recipe 5 - Choco Pinwheels 

YIELD :15 mini choco pinwheels

Marie Biscuits- 12 no.
Coconut Powder- 1/2 cup
Drinking Chocolate Powder - 6tbsp
Milkmaid -1/2 tin
Milk Few tsp
Polythene Wraps -3 to 4 sheets

*You can use Sweetened choco powder for chocolate powder.

First crush marie biscuits into fine powder and sieve it if any lumps. Now mix marie biscuit powder with chocolate powder and half of the milkmaid. Knead gently and make firm dough. Grease hands with milk to avoid stickiness.
Flatten the prepared dough between polythene sheets. Roll using rolling pins to thick  Roti. Keep aside
In another vessel mix together coconut powder and rest of milkmaid. In the same way make big ball and roll it thin disc.
 Now place this coconut(white) rolled circle on the top of the chocolate(brown) rolled circle. Start folding both the circles together to form a cylindrical roll just like swiss rolls. Do not fold polythene sheets along with it.
Now just wrap this cylindrical roll in a foil. Fbeeze it for 15-20 minutes.
Remove the roll from freezer and cut into small rolls and it will look like Pinwheels with brown and white combination. If the roll sticks to the knife while you cut then freeze again till set.

Substitute milkmaid with milk and sugar if you don't have ready in hands.
Add few tsp of milk is the dough consistency is too tight. 
If the dough consistency is loosen add some more biscuit powder.
If you find difficult in peeling out  the rolled brown or white layer from sheets freeze it once for 1-2 minute. This helps to remove faster without break.
The chocolate should be refrigerated after every use to avoid melting.

(This recipe has been taken from http://www.ezcookbook.net/2012/12/choco-pinwheels.html)

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